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Q3 2017 Products Sold Out
Cal 17 Products Contact us for non-standard pricing
Selling FY 18/19 Base Load at $60.06
Selling Cal 18 Base Load at $58.04
Selling Cal 19 Base Load at $61.81
Q4 2017 Products Sold Out
Buying FY 17/18 Base Load at $45.75


Alinta Energy Exchange is an online energy trading platform providing live pricing highlighting buy and sell points in forward electricity agreements. The key components of the exchange include:

  • Price Transparency – Open to all users, not just trading participants;
  • Liquidity – Both buy and sell prices and volumes are published;
  • Contract Volumes – 1MW contracts offered, potentially attracting greater competition as these smaller quantities will be suitable for smaller/new entrant retailers;
  • Executable – Simple process via email;
  • Open – Accessible 24hrs per day, and transacting during business days; and
  • Range of Products – Peak, Off-Peak and Flat contracts forward for approx. 3 years.
Alinta Energy Management