About Alinta Energy

Alinta Energy Exchange is an online energy trading platform for the West Australian electricity market providing live buy and sell prices for forward electricity agreements.  It also highlights additional products and services to wholesale and retail customers.
The aim of the website is to provide additional transparency, liquidity and products into the WA energy market.

Alinta Energy is a leading Australian utility with a long history in operations, investments, and assets across Australia and New Zealand. We serve over 790,000 residential and commercial & industrial energy customers (natural gas and electricity), operate seven power stations with more than 1,800MW of installed capacity, manage fuel sources and transportation, and strive to ensure competitive prices through our wholesale market operations. We employ over 400 people across Australia and New Zealand, with three core business units – Retail, Wholesale & Trading, and Power Generation.

Alinta Energy is the incumbent natural gas retailer in Western Australia. We are a large supplier of energy generated in the SWIS and are one of the main independent power generators in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Alinta Energy is an emerging gas and electricity retailer on Australia’s East Coast, with a growing number of South Australian and Victorian customers and a progressive strategy to move into other markets on the Eastern seaboard. Alinta Energy has a number of upstream gas contracts, and participates in short term gas trading in multiple markets.

In order to support Alinta Energy’s growth strategy, the Wholesale & Trading business unit is the engine room that defines the activities to improve the maturity and sophistication of the trading strategies and support the Alinta Energy business longer term.  Alinta Energy is an active investor in the energy retail, wholesale and generation markets across Australia.

Alinta Energy Management