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Alinta Energy’s Spot Trading Team actively manages the national gas and electricity portfolio, interacting with various counterparties and energy markets.  The team nominates to a number of upstream gas contracts and gas markets as well as optimising gas usage across gas-fired generation and the gas retail business.


Spot Trading Team Portfolio Management and Optimisation also covers:

  • Numerous gas supply and transport agreements in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland.
  • Dispatch of portfolio generation assets in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland.
  • Providing gas and electricity management services to larger counterparties including  nominations, bidding, gas supply and reporting.
  • Nominating into various gas markets/hubs.
  • Ensuring compliance with a multitude of regulatory and rule obligations as well contractual obligations.
  • Remote operation and dispatch of generation.


Alinta Energy can provide a partial or full end-to-end energy management solution in both electricity and / or gas. Given Alinta Energy’s significant resources and capability, it is well placed to provide Management Services that can be tailored to meet customer needs.

Non-operational services include settlements processing, reporting, market analysis of key market outcomes occurring in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and on the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) and market representation through active participation in various industry groups.



  • 24 x 7 day a week on call service;
  • Daily submissions into the Wholesale Electricity Market Systems (WEMS), including Bilateral, STEM, Resource Plan and Balancing submissions;
  • Position Optimisation as per agreed guidelines;
  • Outage co-ordination with System Management;
  • Registration and Standing Data maintenance;
  • Reserve Capacity process management;
  • Stand alone management services outside of the South West Interconnected System can also be accommodated.


  • 24 x 7 day a week on call service;
  • Management of contractual obligations of gas supply and transport contracts;
  • Nominations to counterparties including suppliers and pipeline operators;
  • Managing pipeline imbalances and Take or Pay obligations;
  • Optimisation as per agreed guidelines to purchase and sell spot gas.

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