Industrial Customers

Alinta Energy is Australia’s only true national, vertically integrated electricity and natural gas retailer uniquely positioned to create value for its customers and energy partners across multiple regions and energy sources.

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Alinta Energy is a wholesale participant in the Australian electricity market with significant generation assets on the East and West coast.  From our diverse portfolio of gas, wind, forward contracts and derivatives, Alinta Energy is well placed to offer customers a full suite of tailored electricity products.


Alinta Energy is a national natural gas aggregator with a significant presence in gas power generation with residential, small business, commercial and industrial customers on the East and West coasts.  The diversity across the portfolio adds flexibility enabling Alinta Energy to provide a range of product solutions to customers.


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As an interface to Australia’s national wholesale energy markets we offer industrial customers access to Alinta Energy’s diverse trading portfolio with the capabilites of developing complex tailored structured products.

Wholesale Markets

We give our customers access to the wholesale markets and the associated differentials in pricing and risk.  This is achieved through either assisting customers in gaining wholesale licensing requirements or restructuring more standard retail agreements to achieve wholesale pricing linked outcomes.

Risk Management Solutions

Alinta Energy can provide a full range of risk management solutions to either hedge wholesale price variation risks or customer revenue variation risks.

Structured Products

Alinta Energy is well positioned to understand the demand of our commercial and industrial customers.  We work closely with our energy partners to tailor solutions that help value the risk and manage it.

Our portoflio of products contains standard products as well as more complex structured solutuions including:

  • Fixed and variable pricing
  • Limited variable pricing
  • Options on forward pricing
  • Commodity linked pricing


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