Electricity Fixed Forward Products

The table below details current live Electricity Forward Products.
Please contact us direct for any non-standard energy pricing.

Period Base Load Electricity Peak Load Electricity Off-Peak Load Electricity
  Bid Ask Bid Ask Bid Ask
PeriodVolume (MW)Price ($/MWh)Price ($/MWh)Volume (MW)Volume (MW)Price ($/MWh)Price ($/MWh)Volume (MW)Volume (MW)Price ($/MWh)Price ($/MWh)Volume (MW)
Q4 20171$42.53$56.6601$55.52$70.0451$33.12$47.775
Q1 20182$47.65$65.2052$57.20$88.2552$42.01$48.515
Q2 20182$42.87$56.3552$53.95$75.0352$35.59$44.495
Q3 20182$45.66$62.3352$59.05$76.4952$39.90$49.135
Q4 20182$41.75$55.4952$49.85$70.6852$38.55$46.125
CAL 182$44.48$59.8452$55.01$77.6152$39.01$47.065
CAL 192$45.59$61.3452$56.39$79.5552$39.99$48.245
FY 17/182$44.05$59.0452$54.95$75.9852$36.50$46.655
FY 18/192$45.04$60.5952$55.70$78.5852$39.50$47.655

Standard Terms & Conditions

Peak definition: 8:00am-10:00pm (Monday to Friday)
All prices are GST exclusive
All pricesĀ are subject to CPI escalation, based reference period JuneĀ 2017
Carbon emissions factor 0.75 (t CO2/MWh sent out)